Rise of the Runelords

Session 6: Thistletop

thistletop__2.jpgThe party reaches the ocean and scouts out Thistletop from the coast. They cannot see much, but get the general location of the rope bridge they learned about from the Goblin.
They head towards the rope bridge, but find that there is a thick patch of Nettles and Thistles blocking their access. They begin cutting through the matted overgrowth, but then notice tracks leading to a concealed passage into the briar.
They shuffle into the small tunnels, allowing their eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness, and start looking for a way to get to the rope bridge. Before they do, however, they find a group of sleeping Goblins. Ollie sneaks forward, with a mind to dispatch them in their sleep, but then realizes that they are Birdcruncher Goblins (that their captive earlier told them were being abused and killed by the Thistletops), and that they are all wounded.
She wakes one up, intimidating them with her Crazy Eyes, and he agrees to show her how to get through the Thistles in exchange for them letting them hobble out to freedom. The party agrees.
Before they get too far, though, they are suddenly attacked by Firepelt Cougar and his Druidic Goblin Master.druidgob.jpg
The pair fight ferociously against the party and nearly manage to kill them, However, despite their having to fight while squeezing through the small tunnels, manage to barely deafeat them (although Gogmurt fled through the Nettles using his Druidic abilities).

Session 5: Heading to Thistletop

TrasgoPF.jpgThe group heads into the wilderness once again to investigate the area known as Thistletop, an area known for its Goblin tribe. They take the main road north until they hit the Thistle River, and then head West, following the river towards the Sea.

After nearly an hour of walking, the group encounters a Goblin Ambush set up for them, consisting of Birdcruncher Goblins. They kill all but one, who they promis his freedom to if he tells them about Thistletop. Once they have all of the information out of them they think they can get, Zharaal mercilessly kills him.

Session 4: Finishing The Temple

shayliss.jpgThe party, now back at Sandpoint, visit the local Sage and discover the details about the Runelord Alaznist, whos statue they encountered in the Temple. She was the Runelord of Wrath, and used to rule over this area as an evil overlord. That night, Kathak falls to the female wiles of Shayliss Vinder, but their tryst is interrupted by her angry father, and he is forced to flee the man to diffuse the situation.

quasit.jpgThe next morning, the group returns to the Temple, to clear out the rest of the Temple, finding an enchanted room with a smattering of objects within. They also find a winding staircase that goes deeper underground, but it is caved in and useless. The demon is here again, but once more escapes the grasp of the party, as it’s magical prowess enables it to flee once again.

With the Temple cleaered, the group returns to Sandpoint,

Personalities of Sandpoint 2
Aldern Foxglove

The lord Foxglove is a curious fellow. I’m not sure I understand him very well. He seems unskilled in combat, as witnessed by his actions during the goblin attack, but he also talks of hunting boar, not an endeavor for those who don’t know their way around a bow and a knife. Perhaps he is more accustomed to natural sport than protecting his home from those who bear naught but malice toward all peoples?

I look forward to learning more about him – he’s invited my companions and I to join him for a meal on more than one occasion, and i’m going to take him up on his latest offer, if only to satisfy my curiosity. He appears to be well-connected and influential in Sandpoint, and perhaps a patron like him might ensure my life is more comfortable. And there’s nothing wrong with that, I say.

Personalities of Sandpoint: the people I have met in this ordinary-seeming town
Abstalar Zantus

Father Zantus is a goodly sort of man, and one of the first people I met upon my unusual arrival. He’s clearly genuine in his service to Desna, and his tireless efforts to rebuild the local temple say a great deal about his devotion to his faith and the people of Sandpoint. He probably saved my life when i was nearly dead on the shore of this town, he gave me a job one i regained my strength, and he taught me how to build.

He’s a man to whom I owe a substantial debt, but one who seems more than decent enough to owe. I don’t mind a debt to a good man like him.

Session 3: Betrayal at Sandpoint

After a meeting with the Mayor, Sheriff, and their new acquaintance Shelalu, the group decides to stay in Sandpoint while the Sheriff heads to nearby Magnamar to petition for more troops. After the meeting, they decide to interrogate the captured Goblins, but their efforts are in vain, as the horrible creatures tell them little of interest.

The next day, the newly anointed heroes make their rounds throughout a now quiet Sandpoint, enjoying the cool sea breeze and admiring looks of the now sparse villagers . Their calm morning is interrupted by the worried cries of Bethana Corwin, a barkeep at the Rusty Dragon. She tells the group in a panic that Amieko, the Inn’s proprietor, as gone missing. She shows the PCs a note from the Innkeeper’s brother, that suggests he had something to do with the Goblin attack, The note also asks her to meet him at the Glassworks at midnight.

The group heads to the Glassworks only to find the building overrun with Goblins.. After dispatching the monsters, they find the live in staff at the Glassworks all dead, murdered in their sleep. While scouting ahead, Arbuthnolo finds Amieko bound and gagged, but before he can act, a mysterious assailant shoots him in the back with an arrow, grievously wounding him. When the party catches up to the Gnome, the assailant has fled through a secret tunnel.

The group takes Amieko back to The Rusty Dragon and rests for the night, posting a watch at the tunnel entrance. The next morning, they head into the secret tunnel to investigate an unexplored branch.

They walk for a mile in the cramped tunnel before finding the ruins of an ancient underground temple. They find a statue of a Runelord, before encountering strange twisted creatures that bestow horrible visions of lust with their touch.

Upon investigating the temple, they encounter a small demon that summons the strange creatures from earlier, but then disappears. They investigate a bit further, but are forced to return to town and rest up before completing their investigation.

Session 2 - After the Battle

The town of Sandpoint took on a noticeably more reserved mood after the Goblins attacked. Thankfully, only 3 people (and 2 horses) were killed in the attack, and there were no real structural damage. The true heroes of the battle we the group of adventurers that, if you belive what the people on the street are saying, took out over half the goblins themselves.
Although the battle is over, the attack raises more questions. Why did the Goblins attack so brazenly? Who were these “Longshanks” they have said led them?
This group of heroes, having decided to investigate these questions together, were joined by a local girl that seemed to know a bit more about the goblins than the common person and a visiting Gnome alchemist whose motivation to find out the truth seem to be more of a satiating of curiosity than anything else. They questioned some of the Goblin captives and heard that the “Longshanks” plans were involved with the graveyard somehow. Following up on that, they discovered the tomb of the old priest cracked open and his body stolen. Whoever did that also left behind a group of magically conjured skeletons to deal with whoever found them.
Having dispatched the skeletons, the group then headed for the hills, following the tracks of a group of goblins and someone larger until they encountered a dangerous looking elven woman. She explained that she had killed the Goblins the group was tracking and was returning to Sandpoint. ShaleluAndosana.jpg

Zhaaral's Dire Diary 2 - New friends and skeletons.
  • Had breakfast with the other “heroes”. Normally I would be hesitant to accept such a moniker but it should afford me a little more trust with the populace than an outsider like myself would normally have. That will be useful with my investigations here, so it is a burden I shall carry.
  • During breakfast we noticed a young girl had found a goblin hidden in a water barrel. My new-found compatriots and I went to assist, and squashed the little monster. I thoroughly searched the area for any more hidden surprises but there were none, thankfully.
  • This girl, “Ollie”, seems to think the goblins come from the trash pit, where she spends a disturbingly large amount of time watching them.
  • A gnome with an indecipherable name offered to join us on our excursion to the town dump, and we can use all of the help we can, frankly.
  • We found nothing of interest at the pit. Ollie said she knew where the goblins stayed, but was unable to show us a specific place.
  • We learned that the town guard had a couple of goblins locked up in their cells, and we decided to go attempt to extract some information from them.
  • Upon arrival at the constabulary, Ollie pointed out one of the guards and indicated he was prone to being violent with some of the local homeless. I confronted him, he played dumb of course, but I shall have to keep a keen eye on these lawmen.
  • The gnome was able to get some useful information out of one of the goblins. He talked of a “longshanks” (a derogatory term for any humanoid) in the cemetary, so that afternoon we searched that area.
  • We found a place along the protective wall where trees and vines had grown to where the goblins could climb over, and also found tracks leading into the main mausoleum.
  • The mausoleum was filled with skeletons, and we dispatched the abominations, and found a used up magical cloak that was the source of the creations. Whoever left those there for us needs to be found. This desecration cannot stand.
  • We instructed Zantus to clear the foliage at the wall, and we trekked off into the woods following the goblin tracks, in the hopes of finding their warren.
  • We lost their tracks where they had crossed a stream, but after some more searching we picked them up again. However, we did not find any goblins, but an elven woman who claimed to have killed the group herself. She says she has information and will come back into Sandpoint to share it with us.
  • I hope this information that she has is useful, these goblins are obviously being led and controlled by someone, and that person must be stopped before they can do any greater harm. 3 people are dead because of this person already, I will stand for no more.
Akmiz oddities

The odd customs of these westerners has most assuredly come back to bite them. Walking skeletons? The immolation of the bodies would have cured this problem. Why would a society bury their dead? It is well known amongst the shamans that souls can retake their forms. Even those bones carry life beyond.
Little girls need to remember their place to speak. I was left bleeding and burnt trailing the tribe at an all too young age. To speak meant a beating for my scorned face, reasons for leaving. Why befriend the green beasts of the swamp? Are they cute like a beloved kitten? Do they have knowledge of the mysteries of the world? Do they pay well to their audiences?
Ravyn seemed distant. Was he focused on a mystery? He found the tracks but we felt lost. His eyes are beyond compare, I must rely upon them. His sword seems to be improving.

Zhaaral's Dire Diary: 1 - Arrival in Sandpoint
Butterflies and Goblins
  • The journey to Sandpoint was thankfully uneventful. All of the orphans that were entrusted to my care made it safely.
  • The town is buzzing with the festival. There are jesters, performances, and a lot of general revelry going on, even a cooking contest. The town is happy, the salmon was adequate.
  • Some speeches are made, including one from the local lawman “Sheriff Hemlock”. I’ll have to keep an eye on that one. He seems to be a local hero of some sort, hopefully he is a reasonable man. I shall find out.
  • Abstalar Zantus, the local priest in charge of the new cathedral, gives a blessing at noon. Tells the story of when Desna first fell to earth and accompanies it with the traditional release of the butterflies. The story is told correctly.
  • I inspect the new cathedral, I find nothing sinister. The six deities it is dedicated to are all represented fairly. I am impressed.
  • At dusk, Zantus begins giving his blessing, and as soon as the Thunderstone is struck, goblins that have snuck into the city attack. I don’t know how they escaped my sight, perhaps I was distracted by Zantus’ invocation. I shall have to atone for this failure.
  • The citizens that have gathered scatter, running in all directions. 4 goblins pop out of hiding places and attack. Myself and 3 others dispatch them.
  • The others are: “Akmiz”, a courageous Half Orc with some divine ablity, he heals others and fights well with a fire poker, he has my respect; “Kathak”, an imposing Shoanti brute who carries a bevy of weapons and knows how to fight with his hands and demoralize his enemy, someone good to have on your side; and “Ravyn”, who’s fervor for battle seems to outstrip his ability with his greatsword. Still, when others ran, he stood and fought, and a stout heart is worth a lot in this world. A little more practice and he will be a strong ally, I believe.
  • The four of us move through the city, get rid of another group of 4 goblins, and hear screams coming from the main gate of the city.
  • When we arrive, there are more goblins, including one riding some sort of beast. There is also a man hiding behind some barrels whilst his dog is being attacked. Shameful. We take them all down. The dog “Fang” survives, as does this coward.
  • The man introduces himself as “Aldern Foxglove”, some local nobleman. He invites us to have dinner with him and reward us for saving his life. That’s all that these noblemen seem to know, money. They don’t usually get the concept of doing good deeds because it’s the right thing to do, just instead to get some sort of reward. Again, shameful.
  • At the meal, he invites us to go on a hunt with him in a couple of days. I agree to go as long as our game is spread among those who were wounded and lost their homes in the goblin attack, he agreed. Maybe this one can be shown the right way, I shall have to find out.

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