Zhaaral Ihsamoth

Half Elf Inquisitor of Desna


Deep in the Mierani forests, my parents lived hidden away from society. You would assume that a Human/Elven couple would be exiled because of the racial difference, but you would be wrong. They worshiped a long forgotten ancient goddess, named Shar, and feared the persecution that came with it. So devoted to her that they even named me after her. They had a lot of delusions, obviously. I do remember my mother constantly reminding me that I was special in some way, even more than any normal mother would. I have no idea what she meant, probably was planning on sacrificing me in some sort of bizarre ritual. Fortunately, they never got the chance.

I was barely more than a toddler at the time of the attack, so I don’t remember much, just a lot of bright lights. I ran into the forest. One of the benefits of living so far from civilization is that you learned to fend for yourself. Even as young as I was, I had picked up enough to feed myself and stay out harms way. I spent a lot of nights wandering the forests, and I quickly learned to let the stars guide my path. Desna was watching over me, even though I didn’t know her name. I lost track of the days, but I surmise that I spent a fair few months alone before I stumbled out of the forest edge.

Desna was guiding me for sure that night, as I chanced upon a midnight convocation to the stars just a few hundred feet from where I escaped the woods. I skulked up to their camp, watched their benedictions, and eventually joined in. They were startled by my sudden appearance, but they didn’t falter in their blessing, finishing their ritual. I was privileged enough to be able to take part. That was the first night I truly felt the guiding hand of Desna upon me.

The campers were a group from the church of Desna in Riddleport on an expedition to this specific spot, to view a sacred alignment in the stars. I was drawn to it as well. They took my arrival as a divine sanction, and welcomed me with open arms. They journeyed back to Riddleport with me, and from then on I was brought up by the church. They taught me their ways, told me their stories, and showed me how to give gratitude to Desna. It was the first time in my life that things truly felt “right”, this was where I was supposed to be.

Over time, the High Priest of Riddleport took me under his wing, and noticed the talents I was gifted. As I grew up, my sight got better and better. Nothing was hidden from my gaze, seemingly. Not a single rat in the basement storeroom of the church could hide from me. No scoundrel that tried to sneak a knife into the church could escape my eyes. I got to be known for this, and as soon as I was out of adolescence, I was accompanying the majority of our church expeditions into the wilderness, as I could see predators far before anyone else had spotted them.

Just recently, the HIgh Priest told me that it was time to move a bit beyond my current surroundings, and he had a mission for me. A new cathedral was opening up in Sandpoint, and I was to journey there to inspect it. Make sure everything was done properly, and with the appropriate respect given to Desna. A group of orphans were being sent there as well, so I accompanied them, protecting them from harm, on our trip. I sincerely hope that nothing sinister is going on in Sandpoint. If there is, I will find it, and eradicate it.

Zhaaral Ihsamoth

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