Rise of the Runelords

Zhaaral's Dire Diary 2 - New friends and skeletons.

  • Had breakfast with the other “heroes”. Normally I would be hesitant to accept such a moniker but it should afford me a little more trust with the populace than an outsider like myself would normally have. That will be useful with my investigations here, so it is a burden I shall carry.
  • During breakfast we noticed a young girl had found a goblin hidden in a water barrel. My new-found compatriots and I went to assist, and squashed the little monster. I thoroughly searched the area for any more hidden surprises but there were none, thankfully.
  • This girl, “Ollie”, seems to think the goblins come from the trash pit, where she spends a disturbingly large amount of time watching them.
  • A gnome with an indecipherable name offered to join us on our excursion to the town dump, and we can use all of the help we can, frankly.
  • We found nothing of interest at the pit. Ollie said she knew where the goblins stayed, but was unable to show us a specific place.
  • We learned that the town guard had a couple of goblins locked up in their cells, and we decided to go attempt to extract some information from them.
  • Upon arrival at the constabulary, Ollie pointed out one of the guards and indicated he was prone to being violent with some of the local homeless. I confronted him, he played dumb of course, but I shall have to keep a keen eye on these lawmen.
  • The gnome was able to get some useful information out of one of the goblins. He talked of a “longshanks” (a derogatory term for any humanoid) in the cemetary, so that afternoon we searched that area.
  • We found a place along the protective wall where trees and vines had grown to where the goblins could climb over, and also found tracks leading into the main mausoleum.
  • The mausoleum was filled with skeletons, and we dispatched the abominations, and found a used up magical cloak that was the source of the creations. Whoever left those there for us needs to be found. This desecration cannot stand.
  • We instructed Zantus to clear the foliage at the wall, and we trekked off into the woods following the goblin tracks, in the hopes of finding their warren.
  • We lost their tracks where they had crossed a stream, but after some more searching we picked them up again. However, we did not find any goblins, but an elven woman who claimed to have killed the group herself. She says she has information and will come back into Sandpoint to share it with us.
  • I hope this information that she has is useful, these goblins are obviously being led and controlled by someone, and that person must be stopped before they can do any greater harm. 3 people are dead because of this person already, I will stand for no more.



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