Rise of the Runelords

Zhaaral's Dire Diary: 1 - Arrival in Sandpoint

Butterflies and Goblins

  • The journey to Sandpoint was thankfully uneventful. All of the orphans that were entrusted to my care made it safely.
  • The town is buzzing with the festival. There are jesters, performances, and a lot of general revelry going on, even a cooking contest. The town is happy, the salmon was adequate.
  • Some speeches are made, including one from the local lawman “Sheriff Hemlock”. I’ll have to keep an eye on that one. He seems to be a local hero of some sort, hopefully he is a reasonable man. I shall find out.
  • Abstalar Zantus, the local priest in charge of the new cathedral, gives a blessing at noon. Tells the story of when Desna first fell to earth and accompanies it with the traditional release of the butterflies. The story is told correctly.
  • I inspect the new cathedral, I find nothing sinister. The six deities it is dedicated to are all represented fairly. I am impressed.
  • At dusk, Zantus begins giving his blessing, and as soon as the Thunderstone is struck, goblins that have snuck into the city attack. I don’t know how they escaped my sight, perhaps I was distracted by Zantus’ invocation. I shall have to atone for this failure.
  • The citizens that have gathered scatter, running in all directions. 4 goblins pop out of hiding places and attack. Myself and 3 others dispatch them.
  • The others are: “Akmiz”, a courageous Half Orc with some divine ablity, he heals others and fights well with a fire poker, he has my respect; “Kathak”, an imposing Shoanti brute who carries a bevy of weapons and knows how to fight with his hands and demoralize his enemy, someone good to have on your side; and “Ravyn”, who’s fervor for battle seems to outstrip his ability with his greatsword. Still, when others ran, he stood and fought, and a stout heart is worth a lot in this world. A little more practice and he will be a strong ally, I believe.
  • The four of us move through the city, get rid of another group of 4 goblins, and hear screams coming from the main gate of the city.
  • When we arrive, there are more goblins, including one riding some sort of beast. There is also a man hiding behind some barrels whilst his dog is being attacked. Shameful. We take them all down. The dog “Fang” survives, as does this coward.
  • The man introduces himself as “Aldern Foxglove”, some local nobleman. He invites us to have dinner with him and reward us for saving his life. That’s all that these noblemen seem to know, money. They don’t usually get the concept of doing good deeds because it’s the right thing to do, just instead to get some sort of reward. Again, shameful.
  • At the meal, he invites us to go on a hunt with him in a couple of days. I agree to go as long as our game is spread among those who were wounded and lost their homes in the goblin attack, he agreed. Maybe this one can be shown the right way, I shall have to find out.



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