Rise of the Runelords

Session 6: Thistletop

thistletop__2.jpgThe party reaches the ocean and scouts out Thistletop from the coast. They cannot see much, but get the general location of the rope bridge they learned about from the Goblin.
They head towards the rope bridge, but find that there is a thick patch of Nettles and Thistles blocking their access. They begin cutting through the matted overgrowth, but then notice tracks leading to a concealed passage into the briar.
They shuffle into the small tunnels, allowing their eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness, and start looking for a way to get to the rope bridge. Before they do, however, they find a group of sleeping Goblins. Ollie sneaks forward, with a mind to dispatch them in their sleep, but then realizes that they are Birdcruncher Goblins (that their captive earlier told them were being abused and killed by the Thistletops), and that they are all wounded.
She wakes one up, intimidating them with her Crazy Eyes, and he agrees to show her how to get through the Thistles in exchange for them letting them hobble out to freedom. The party agrees.
Before they get too far, though, they are suddenly attacked by Firepelt Cougar and his Druidic Goblin Master.druidgob.jpg
The pair fight ferociously against the party and nearly manage to kill them, However, despite their having to fight while squeezing through the small tunnels, manage to barely deafeat them (although Gogmurt fled through the Nettles using his Druidic abilities).



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