Rise of the Runelords

Session 2 - After the Battle

The town of Sandpoint took on a noticeably more reserved mood after the Goblins attacked. Thankfully, only 3 people (and 2 horses) were killed in the attack, and there were no real structural damage. The true heroes of the battle we the group of adventurers that, if you belive what the people on the street are saying, took out over half the goblins themselves.
Although the battle is over, the attack raises more questions. Why did the Goblins attack so brazenly? Who were these “Longshanks” they have said led them?
This group of heroes, having decided to investigate these questions together, were joined by a local girl that seemed to know a bit more about the goblins than the common person and a visiting Gnome alchemist whose motivation to find out the truth seem to be more of a satiating of curiosity than anything else. They questioned some of the Goblin captives and heard that the “Longshanks” plans were involved with the graveyard somehow. Following up on that, they discovered the tomb of the old priest cracked open and his body stolen. Whoever did that also left behind a group of magically conjured skeletons to deal with whoever found them.
Having dispatched the skeletons, the group then headed for the hills, following the tracks of a group of goblins and someone larger until they encountered a dangerous looking elven woman. She explained that she had killed the Goblins the group was tracking and was returning to Sandpoint. ShaleluAndosana.jpg



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