Akmiz Brand (deceased)

1/2 Orc Oracle


HP: 10
Init: +1
AC: 14 touch 11 flat footed 13
BAB: 0
CMB: +1
CMD: 12
Fort: 2
Ref: 1
Will: 4
STR: 13; DEX: 12; CON: 14; INT: 13; WIS: 14; CHA: 17


Akmiz is the baseborn son of the Shoanti sun (sklar-quah) clan. His birth was only allowed due to circumstances crafted by the uncertainty of birth. A green skinned child is usually not allowed to come to birth. Akmiz arrived nine months following a failed raid upon a camp of Belkzen orcs. Thinking themselves the victors this band of Shoanti rode victoriously away. But the betrothed of a warrior found herself with child. A child of fire. The birth of this green skinned child called for swift action. The bastard needs to die. Fire, being the totem of the clan, was the obvious choice for the job. The bastard is to be burned. The spawn of the rising lord from the east shall determine the green child’s fate which is assuredly the blessing of death.
Due to either an abundance of cold coals upon the fire or a blessing from the sun, the bastard lived. He had lived through the sun’s gift of pain. But much more happened, he had the sun’s blessing and the sun’s gift of fire. Burned across the body and nearly blind Akmiz has sought the sun’s mysteries as it sets to the West…

Akmiz Brand (deceased)

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