Rise of the Runelords

Akmiz oddities

The odd customs of these westerners has most assuredly come back to bite them. Walking skeletons? The immolation of the bodies would have cured this problem. Why would a society bury their dead? It is well known amongst the shamans that souls can retake their forms. Even those bones carry life beyond.
Little girls need to remember their place to speak. I was left bleeding and burnt trailing the tribe at an all too young age. To speak meant a beating for my scorned face, reasons for leaving. Why befriend the green beasts of the swamp? Are they cute like a beloved kitten? Do they have knowledge of the mysteries of the world? Do they pay well to their audiences?
Ravyn seemed distant. Was he focused on a mystery? He found the tracks but we felt lost. His eyes are beyond compare, I must rely upon them. His sword seems to be improving.



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